Italy 2018 | Update 7

Day 2 of camp is generally one of our favorite days. The kids have more energy and are more comfortable with the team. We began the day with group pictures which most of the coaches took silly photos. The sportsmanship thought of the day centered around determination. The kids were challenged to pick a skill and work at getting better at that skill during the week. Following a couple of hours of doing basketball drills, the kids spent time in a spiritual station that highlighted one of Jesus’s miracles from the Gospel of John. After lunch, the kids were put through an obstacle course. The course was part of a spiritual skit centered around God’s guidance. The kids would finish the day scrimmaging against each other. One of the coaches shared his testimony to close the day. He talked about about the hopelessness that was found in the game of basketball and the hope he found in God. After camp, the team spent some time together for Team Time. We discussed the Fourth Commadement (Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy) and the importance to find rest. Following Team Time, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and fellowship at one of the missionaries home.

It’s Hump Day, but most importantly, we get to celebrate Independence Day in Italy. All the kids wore crazy socks (a PTR tradition). We also got to hear them sing the Italian National Anthem. We followed up by singing the US Anthem. All in all, it set the tone for today’s sportsmanship thought; Enthusiasm. The kids really practiced enthusiasm thought the day of camp. Like the other days, a coach shared his testimony. He stated that he could never find satisfaction in the world until he embraced the perfections of Christ. This was a great ending to the camp day. At night, the team participated in a game against former campers. The campers won the game but it was a good time see many of the kids who have been a part of Push The Rock Italia for numerous years. We would end the night eating pizza with some of the guys.



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