Italy 2018 | Update 9

It is hard to believe that today is the last day of camp. It seems like we just got to Mestre and started building relationships with the kids. We challenged the kids to work as a team and to get everyone involved. We centered the camp day around team challenges and games. The kids really enjoyed working together and it was encouraging to see them display teamwork. During the spiritual portion, the kids would hear about the life Jesus gives us if we believe in Him. The kids would also do a series of puzzles focused on two verses from John. The last testimony shared by a coach was perfect for the conclusion of camp. She discussed the struggle of believing because others believed. It wasn’t until she became older that she heard the Lord speak to her. She made a decision that she wanted to make her faith her own and how it’s important not to let the pressure of family or others keep you from making a life changing decision. Although camp was officially over, we would see many of the kids and their parents later that night at our closing ceremony. It was a great time to share with the parents about the local church and who Push The Rock is. One of the coaches shared his testimony and why he is serving in Italy for the next year. The parents and kids really enjoyed themselves and thanked all of us for the week. We finished the night taking pictures, talking, and enjoy refreshments.

For our last full day in Italy, we spent a couple hours debriefing. It was a great time discussing our experiences, encouraging one another, and praying. Afterwards, we would head to Venice. The team would doing some shopping as we wanted to get gifts for our supporters. We also took the water Bus through the Grand Canal. We were amazed by the beautiful scenery that can only be seen on the water. Following our trip to Venice, the team would enjoy a quick nap before heading to a local pizzeria in which we would have dinner with 40 kids and parents from the camp. It was a great time of fellowship and getting to know the parents personally. To conclude the night, two of the coaches would do the “Kilo Challenge”. This challenge includes eating a kilo of gelato as fast as you can. Both coaches would finish the kilo in approximately 25-30 minutes. It was pretty impressive and fulfilling for the coaches. The team would say its last goodnight to each other as two of the members would be flying back Sunday morning.

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