Italy 2019 Update #2

Our day started out with a 8:30 breakfast in which the team got to enjoy an American-style breakfast (eggs and bacon). Normal Italian breakfast consist of cereal, cookies, and pastries. After breakfast, we drove to Ravenna (approx. 40 mins away) for church. Church was all in Italian and we definitely enjoyed worshipping in their natural language. The message was on “How does Satan try to divide the church” through 1 Timothy 1:3-17. The pastor highlighted verse 17: “Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen”. At the conclusion of the service, the church members greeted us and said they are praying for our week of camp in Forli. Following church, we proceed back to Faenza, where we had a chance to play “Cambio” before lunch. Lunch was amazing as the missionary prepared pork loin, rice, cucumber salad, and corn. After lunch, some of the coaches took a nap while the others played more card games. Later in the after, we decided to walk near the center of town as an annual city parade was taking place. The parade was medieval-themed with 5 sections that represented the 5 zones of Faenza. As the parade concluded, we walked to the downtown part of Faenza in which we would have our first team gelato. And YES…the gelato was amazing. Dinner was in Forli, so we drove 25 minutes to the church there to have pizza with missionaries and members from the church. One of the missionary families is going on home assignment tomorrow so this was our opportunity to meet them and for some of us to say goodbye. Our night concluded with Team Time in which we covered camp logistics as well as go over an introduction into Philippians.

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