Italy 2019 Update #4

Day 3 of our week in Faenza/Forli followed the same schedule as the other days. We ate breakfast and heard a Pebble Challenge from one of the coaches. Following breakfast, we proceeded to camp to lead basketball in the morning. Today, we had only 12 kids as some kids were tired from the past two days. Our Sportsmanship Thought was on humility and what that looks like in our lives. The kids went through various drills to improve their shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense. The coaches’ challenge was three-point shooting in which one of the coaches won the competition pretty easily. Following the coaches’ challenge, the kids played 3v3 or 4v4 against each other. For lunch, we enjoyed some risotto and salad. After lunch, we left to rest and then head to Imola to see some of the kids from past camps. We arrived in Imola around 5:30 pm and noticed that the local court had a large 3v3 tournament that lasts about 2 weeks. Therefore, we had to find another court to play on and this gave us a chance to meet some other people. Following a few pickup games, we were invited back to two of the boys’ house for dinner. We had some local pizza and just chatted about life. The brothers informed us that they were playing in the 3v3 game and that we could watch them play so we stayed to watch their first game. Their team won the first game of the night. In between games, we proceeded to a local restaurant for some gelato. While eating our gelato, we walked back to the court to say our goodbyes and proceed home, arriving at home around midnight.

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