Italy team arrives safely

We praise the Lord for the safe arrival of the team in Mestre! It is a blessing to be here, but also a blessing to have the whole team here! Over the weekend, as the Spain and Italy teams were training together, there were several injuries. A member of Italy’s team ruptured his Achilles tendon and a member of the Spain team injured her knee. Thankfully, they were both able to travel with their respective teams and we are excited about how God is going to use their special circumstances to impact others for eternity.

After an uneventful 7-hour flight to London, we spent 3 hours at Heathrow hanging out and watching the travelers from all over the world go by. Many were coming and going to Wimbledon while others were coming from or heading to the World Cup. It was quite the scene.

I am not sure there was a single member of the team who stayed awake on the 2-hour flight to Venice. We were beat. But we arrived safely, along with all of our luggage … Praise the Lord! We got settled into the places we are staying, got a quick rest in and then headed to dinner with our missionary hosts. We will spend our evening together watching the World Cup and getting ready for camp tomorrow morning. We are excited about how the Lord is going to work in and through our team! Thanks so much for your active role in our being here!

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