Italy team home

We spent the day in Bologna on Saturday before catching the train to Mestre. It was another smoking hot day but we had a good time checking out the city. We walked around, hit up a market and climbed to the top of one of the towers in the city. What a spectacular view from the top!

After the two-hour train ride back to Mestre we had dinner at a Pizzeria with our missionary hosts. Then it was back to our Bed and Breakfast for our final Team Time and Debriefing. We had a lot to cover so we did not actually finish until 2 am. That would have been fine had the one group not had to head to the airport at 5:30 am. Nonetheless, it was a great time of sharing and reflecting on all that God had done during over the two weeks.

The first group went to the airport at 5:30 am and flew to Frankfurt at 7 am. Then the first group caught a 10 am flight to London, where we hung out for about 5+ hours until the second group arrived. The second group was able to sleep in and then go to church. Right after church they left for the airport and their 2 pm flight to London. They were fortunate enough to fly directly to London and did not need to see all of Europe in the process:).

The second group made it with maybe 3 minutes to spare to board the flight back to Philadelphia. Group one was standing in line and ready to board the plane when the second group came. It was nice to travel home together. The flight itself was roughly 8 hours long and as many guys slept, others read, filled out their “homework” and watched movies.

We arrived safely back in Philadelphia on time but then were delayed because two of our bags did not arrive. Hopefully they will arrive in the next day or so. By Monday evening every team member was home safe and sound. Thanks again for praying for us! What a tremendous two weeks of ministry together! We praise the Lord for all that He did in and through the team. We may not know all that transpired this side of Heaven, but certainly trust that this was only the beginning. We are excited to see where the Lord takes it from here!

Please pray for the team members as they adjust back to life here. Also be praying for the missionaries as they follow-up with the kids and their families. Multo grazie!

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