Italy update … 6.27.15

We made it! Thanks for your prayers and for standing with us as we begin our ministry in Italy. We are currently enjoying pizza and playing games with our hosts as we adjust to the time change and wait out the jet lag. Thursday night the team got together and had a great time of training and getting to know one another. The Friday afternoon we were off, bringing us to Saturday afternoon, where we are enjoying some very very warm weather. We are looking at a week in the high 90s into the 100s, so it will be nice and toasty!

Please pray for a great night of rest tonight, our time of fellowship and worship as a local church body in the morning, and then prep for a week of ministry. Camp starts bright and early Monday morning and we are excited about investing in a great group of kids for the week.

Team Italy

Starting it off with pizza
Starting it off with pizza

Kids Italy #1

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