Italy Update #2

Buon giorno!

It has been a full two days since the last update. Saturday night after leaving you a note behind, we headed to a summer concert. It was a beautiful evening for a concert and it was great to mingle with the townspeople as they gathered for a collection of well-known musical pieces. Two bands played for over two hours. It was a wonderful night, but by the time 11 pm rolled around, we were beyond ready for bed. Not sure when the last time anyone on the team slept for 11-12 hours, but to a person, we got lots of sleep in. It was very much needed as we had been up for close to two days without any sleep.

We got up in time for lunch on Sunday, after which we headed out to see the town of Imola. Lots and lots of history. The local fortress has been here for 2,000+ years, which gives a bit of perspective on American history. We toured the fortress and grabbed some much-needed gelato. It is nice and toasty over here, so that gelato went over really well. That evening we joined up with several couples for the Sunday service. It is very encouraging to see the church family grow over time. Now four couples are involved after only one family started the church 3+ years ago. We are thrilled to be a part of what God is doing here!

It was pretty cool to be here for Italy – England last night. The Euro Cup is in full swing and now that we will be in Italy for two weeks, we might as well watch and root for Italy!!!

Mondays … camps on Monday are always an adventure. Kids are pumped, yet anxious. Coaches are pumped, yet anxious. Makes for a great day! We got up early this morning, met for prayer, breakfast, and a Scriptural challenge to kick off the day. We headed to camp where we were met by many familiar faces. Always great to reconnect with kids from previous years. We also met some new kids and their families. We are excited to see what God is going to do in the lives of each of the kids throughout the week.

We did have a great day of camp, but by the time 5:30 rolled around, especially after starting at 8:30, the kids (and coaches) were beat! We are now eating dinner and will play our first game in an outdoor 5 v 5 tournament in town. Looking forward to playing together and sharing Christ through games. Thanks for praying for us! We will need it … going to be some hot, long days!

To God be the Glory!

PTR Italy team


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