Italy Update #3 || 6.29.14

“Grazie Prego”

This is how Coach Chris Godshalk usually ends his talks with the kids and we thought it appropriate to begin our blog with this phrase as our time in Imola has come to and end. It has been such a joy to partner with Chiesa La Rocca Imola.

Each year at the end of the camp we play an Italian v. American soccer game in the Andrea Costa gym. It’s becoming quite the rivalry and this year was no different. Despite multiple shots on goal that hit the posts and the crossbars, the Americans were outdone in a 4-3 Italian victory.

Dinner at a local pizzeria is always a highlight of the end of the week and this year was no different. We filled the restaurant with local families and PTR players and the restaurant was kind enough to do the same with our bellies (maybe a little too much). It is always a bitter sweet time, often filled with “selfies” from the players/kids and hugs and traditional italian kisses goodbye. The kids love to sign things for us and vice versa as we hope to reunite the following year.

The following morning (Saturday) was a rest day. The team was able to sleep in, clean up the apartment we had the opportunity to stay in, and do another team time in preparation for the next week at Mestre. It wasn’t a coincidence that the team’s focus was based on Philippians 1:12-30 and reflecting on Paul’s single minded approach to the advancement of the gospel.

Therefore, it is on Saturday that our team ended up splitting up. Preston Turpin had a knee injury (torn meniscus and chipped femur bone) and will remain in Imola for surgery on Monday. Please pray for his speedy recovery and opportunity to reconnect with the team in Mestre as soon as possible.

The rest team, however, had a safe arrival to Mestre via train on Saturday afternoon and took a trip into Venice for an opportunity to enjoy dinner at a recommended restaurant right on the water. It was a welcomed refreshment to the daily grind of camp and the team will attend “Il Faro” (The Lighthouse) on Sunday with Mark and Kris Crooks.

Prego Grazie


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