Italy Update 4

The first week is over … wow that went by quickly! We just got here and the first week of camp is over.  So much could be said about the week over all. The kids were fantastic, the coaches did a great job and most importantly, it was very evident that the Lord was at work.

They have been long days, but good days. We usually get to bed well after midnight (I better leave it at that) and get up at 7 for breakfast. Camp Wednesday was great, especially since that often tends to be the toughest day. Kids (and coaches) are getting tired, so we try to mix things up for them to keep them engaged and energized. It was really hot Monday through Wednesday (mid-90’s), but it actually rained Thursday and Friday morning. There was a serious storm Friday morning, but I am getting ahead of myself.

We played our first game on Wednesday night and the guys played well. We were all anxious to lace them up and play some Italian basketball. It is the first time out of the country for some of these guys and certainly the first opportunity to play in a game like this. We played really well and the “outcome” of the game was never in question. We also played Thursday night and the other team tried to add a few ringers. It did help, but our team played even better Thursday night. The other team was very intent on hearing a testimony Wednesday night but not so much on Thursday night. That sometimes happens and we just leave it in the Lord’s hands.

Thursday morning we had to adjust camp because of the rain. Instead of two courts we only had access to one. But we managed and ended up having a good time with the kids piled up on one court. The rain really cooled things down and the cloud cover was huge!

Friday is always a great day at camp … bittersweet, but great! The kids came energized to camp this morning, anxious to enjoy their last day with the coaches and their friends. We spent most of the day playing fun games together. There was a little bit of rain, which forced us inside, but everyone adjusted well. We were never allowed into the gym before, so it was great to be allowed in this time around as we really needed it.

We held the closing ceremonies and invited the families of the kids back. I would say about half of the kids had their parents there, many of whom came out and participated in some of the games. That is always a great time for everyone! The 40 kids that came to camp were such a blessing and we praise the Lord for the opportunity to build into their lives. During the closing ceremony we shared gifts and food and quite a few autographs. It went from 5-8 pm, at which time we went to a pizza party with most of the families to celebrate the week. It was a very kind gesture for them to invite us to pizza. Four years in we are really developing some great relationships! Praise the Lord for that!

Praise the Lord for a great first week! We are looking forward to Venice tomorrow and then church on Sunday. Thank you again for praying for us and for following along with these updates. Enjoy your weekend. We plan on making the most of ours!

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