Italy Update #7

Buon giorno. The week is flying by! It is early Thursday morning and we only have two days of camp left. Tuesday and Wednesday went very well. The kids are working hard and are bringing the energy every day. 9 – 5 is a long day of basketball, especially for the younger ones, but they are hanging in there. It is much easier for the older kids to go with the flow, but everyone is doing well.

At lunch time we continue to have different stations where kids can ask personal and spiritual questions to the coaches. Each day the kids up the ante with their questions. It is so cool to be able to give insight into a personal relationship with Christ while also challenging them with similar questions. They oblige and answer our questions with a smile:). We have had opportunities to open the Bible up to them throughout camp and they are very attentive.

Today the pastor of the church plant is sharing the Gospel message with the kids. Please be praying that the message would fall on fertile soil. We are enjoying planting and watering seeds, and are prepared to reap a harvest should any kids be ready to commit to the Lord.

We played a game Tuesday night against a team made up of pretty high level players, including one from the national team. It was a great time and we played six quarters. Afterwards one of our players shared his testimony, to which the other team was quite receptive. Wednesday morning we found out that several of the guys had written on our Facebook page that they really enjoyed the message we brought … planting seeds; praise the Lord!

Last night was special as several families invited over to their home for a huge dinner. Not sure anyone on the team saw this coming. It was like being at the beach … the food came in wave after wave. There were so many dishes and so much food it was actually quite overwhelming! Pasta, finger foods, pizza, sausage on the grill, grilled vegetables, fish, pork on the grill, desserts, etc. Craziness! But it was so awesome to be with those families and sharing dinner. There were multiple kids from camp, so it was great to hang out with them in a different setting. It takes a long time to peel away the layers and take relationships to the next level. This was another iteration in that process.

Thanks so much for praying! We would appreciate your prayer for camp today, the Gospel message being explicitly shared, the game tonight, and finishing camp well tomorrow.

Enjoy your July 4th celebrations and may it serve as a reminder of our freedom in Christ!


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