Italy update … 7.4.15

Happy Independence Day! We are celebrating our freedom Italian style today. That basically means we got up very early, took the train to Florence, enjoyed the beautiful city in the 97 degree heat, and just had hot dogs and burgers on the grill. Yep, enjoying everything about the celebration of our freedom but the fireworks. Most importantly, we celebrate our freedom in Christ.

In Florence several climbed the Duomo to get a great view of the city while others shopped and checked out the local wares. Below you will find a picture of several of us on top of Il Duomo and another one will have a large part of the team on the “Old Bridge.”

Backing up to yesterday, we had a great final day of camp! Friday at camp is always a great day because everything we do is geared towards competition and fun. The kids did really well all week and we finished out well. It is always tough to say good-bye at the end of the week. The kids always open up throughout the week so Friday always look so much different than Monday when kids wander in not knowing what to expect. Of the 34 kids we had, 9 were brand new. So we had a great mix of returners and new faces. We gave out shirts and other special prizes at the end of the day and highlight 3 campers who did an outstanding job all week of displaying Christian character and sportsmanship (2 kids) and also growing leaps and bounds in their basketball knowledge (1 kid).

Friday night is always special because we meet at the pizza place in the evening and invite the kids and their parents to join us to cap off the week. It was a great turnout as we had 55 people take over the pizza place. It was a great night of talking with the parents, hanging out with the kids, and wrapping up another great week of camp here in Imola.

Throughout the week there were plenty of conversations about spiritual things, something which is very foreign to many of these kids. But seeds have been planted and other seeds have been watered and we pray that one day the harvest will be plentiful. Please pray that these kids would one day give their lives to Christ.

Tomorrow morning we will head to church to worship with the local believers. We have invited the campers and their parents to join us. Many are at the sea already and others have said they may came. Either way, we are looking forward to a great day in the house of the Lord! One of our team members will be preaching in Imola tomorrow morning and then again in Mestre in the evening. Please pray for J as he shares a message from Scripture. After church we will eat a quick lunch and take the train up to Mestre for week 2. We will worship with the local church there in the evening and then begin our camp prep for Monday. Going to be a great weekend!

Il Duomo - Florence
Il Duomo – Florence
Ponte Vecchio - Florence
Ponte Vecchio – Florence
3v3 finals
3v3 finals
3v3 finals
3v3 finals

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