Italy update … 7.6.15

Bona notte! It is Monday night and the first day of camp is officially over. What a day! 76 kids plus 28 additional people helping out on all different levels. We had a great day. It was a bit toasty, which has been a very common theme since we arrived in Italy. Of course, people keep saying that the previous week was perfect. Well, the previous week never does us much good since we were not here, but nonetheless, we are enduring the heat. The gym has some ventilation, but not a ton. We will be well in the 90s all week and will hit triple digits. I share that with you because it really does sap the energy rather quick and everyone needs frequent water breaks. We are truly excited about what the Lord has in store for this week after Day 1.

Yesterday we had a chance to sleep in after a great time in Florence on Saturday before closing our time out with our missionary hosts. We packed up before heading to church and then enjoyed some time of praise and worship before one of our team members spoke from God’s Word out of James. We said our Good-byes and hastily ate lunch and rushed to the train station with all of our bags. We overcame a few snafus to arrive in Mestre around 4:30 pm, just in time to drop our bags off before church at 5 pm. We enjoyed another great time of fellowship and worship before an absolute feast with the church and many of those who are coming to camp this week. It was a great start as we had a chance to meet with all of the translators and other who are involved in bringing the logistics together.

We got in some sleep last night before hitting camp hard this morning. Monday is always a bit chaotic as we sort through how camp with run with all of the moving pieces. But again, it went really well today for the first day of camp. After camp we had Team Time together and then dinner and gelato. A full day with a full week on the horizon. Thanks for praying!

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