Italy update … 7.8.15

Buona notte!

Yes indeed, Wednesday is in the books. Another great day at camp! Yesterday (Tuesday) we had a great day and the comfort level with the kids was really starting to grow. Amazing how quickly you can develop a relationship with someone when you invest the time. We feel that way with many of the kids. Quick recap of how the daily schedule works:

8:15 … arrive at camp for prayer time and to meet the kids

8:15-9 … kids arrive and shoot around

9-1:30 … skills and drills

1:30-3 … lunch

3-4 … spiritual lesson and 3 “non-active stations” (English, life, basketball experiences)

4-5 … 5v5 games

5-5:20 … Send kids home with their parents and debrief the day of camp

Kids have really seemed to open up during the “non-active stations” because they give us another chance to get real personal with the kids. Many seeds have been planted, we know others have been watered, and we continue to trust the Lord that he will cause them to grow! The basketball part has gone really well also. The weather has been in the upper 90s the first few days, which has made for many “acqua” (water) stops. But the kids have done well with that also.

We played a game last night at the gym where camp is held and had quite a good crowd to take in the game. It is always unique to be playing the “home” team and have all of the locals cheering for Push The Rock! The kids and their parents that came out last night were a tremendous encouragement to us and it was great to spend that extra time with them. It was a good game and we pulled away at the end to win by 12. Afterwards we headed out for pizza as a team and with some of those helping with the camp … nothing like eating a whole pizza at 11 pm and then trying to get some sleep afterwards :).

Today there was a tremendous storm at the end of camp (yes, we are in the gym for camp), but we could see the clouds coming all day. There was crazy lightning and thunder for hours tonight as we went to dinner at a local family’s house from church. First the rain came down, then the hail, then a tornado touched down about 20 minutes from us. So it was an interesting evening. Praise the Lord that it is a bit cooler tonight!

Hard to believe we have two days of camp left. Time is flying! Two more days to invest in these kids in life out our love for Christ in front of them. Please be praying for those who will be sharing their testimonies at camp over the next two days. They can have such an impact on people’s lives!

Thanks for praying!

Dinner with G family

Dinner with G family

Lesson time in Mestre


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