Italy Update 8

It is late Saturday night and we head out in the morning. Too hard to put into words everything that happened over the last two weeks, but hopefully you have caught a glimpse of our time here through the updates. We have greatly appreciated your thoughts and prayers!

We finished up camp Friday extremely well. It was another hot day and the kids did extremely well. We played a lot more fun games throughout the day and the kids really seemed to enjoy that. They certainly improved over the five days we were together. We had quite the mix of talent as we had some kids who play in bball clubs and others who were introduced to the game for the first time. But they meshed well and all progressed nicely.

The best part about the week was how well the kids listened. They were engaged in all of our discussions about spiritual things. When quizzed throughout the week, it was apparent that they had been paying attention. We are thankful for the opportunities we had to share our personal stories and to encourage them to think about what it means to have a personal relationship with Christ. We continue to pray that the Lord would wrap His loving arms around them and draw them unto Himself.

At the end of camp the parents showed up. Almost all of the parents were represented and the kids played for about an hour in front of them before we gave out some awards. It was great to see the support the kids had from their families. Our team then played a visiting team in front of the kids and their parents and it was a lot of fun. Our team played very well. Right after the game we all headed to dinner together and enjoyed more pasta until close to midnight. It was a long but great day! Praise the Lord!

We finally had a chance to sleep in today before heading off to Florence. It was extremely hot and crowded, but so well worth the trip! The train ride down and back got kind of long, but it was a great time together just hanging out as a team. We are closing up shop here tonight before heading out in the morning. We leave at 1 pm and will be back to PA around midnight. Thanks for praying for us and we look forward to sharing more about the trip in person. I would encourage you to seek out a team member to have him share his experience with you.


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