Italy Update #9

Hard to believe it is over already. The team is currently in the air and should be touching down in the US within the next two hours. I know the team is excited to be getting home and seeing loved ones, but I also know that the team was not excited about leaving. It really was a great two weeks of ministry together! Praise the Lord for that!

We slept in a bit Saturday morning before studying Gideon in our Team Time. It was a great way to start the day before heading into Venice. I had been to Venice many times but had never been in the Doge’s Palace there in San Marco square. Quite an impressive structure. That was what the team decided to do together. So we spent about 90 minutes going through the elaborate palace and admiring all of the paintings and marble. Lots and lots of history there.

Actually, before touring the palace we enjoyed a Murano glass demonstration and private showing of the glass. It was pretty cool to be able to see that. There are certain things are completely Venetian, and Murano glass is one of them. Some guys took advantage of the special deals while others felt more like agents and go-betweens.

We did some walking around and shopping for a few hours and even had time for gelato. Rumor has John Travolta walked right by us, but that was not confirmed. Nonetheless, we had a great day enjoying the beautiful city in the heat. At around 6:30 pm we headed back to Mestre for pizza together. We invited the missionaries to join us and really enjoyed a great night together of recapping the two weeks.

Before heading home we hit up our favorite gelato place, Claudio’s, with the translators from our second week. It was one last chance to say good-bye to everyone before leaving in the morning. We spent an hour together exchanging contact info, swapping camp stories, and taking pictures. We were truly blessed by a great group of hosts, which included translators and those working behind the scenes to pull everything together. Praise the Lord for the great teamwork!

We had our debriefing and final Team Time before heading to bed in the wee hours of the morning, which is rather unfortunate because we were up at 6 am in order to get to the airport for our flight to Munich and then on home.

We praise the Lord for a fantastic two weeks of ministry together in Italy. I am excited to see what God does with the seeds that were planted and watered. We are expecting great things and cannot wait to hear all about them as the Holy Spirit continues to soften the hearts of the kids and their families. Thank you so much for enjoying this journey with us! We sincerely appreciate your prayers and it was an honor to serve with you in Italy!

Chico for the team

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