LBC Zambia Update 5.12.19

We Made It!!!

We started our trek Saturday morning at 530am and arrived at our destination Sunday at 530pm Zambia time. We first headed to JFK airport for our 15 hour first leg of our flight. We had a great driver, and after a few exit adventures and one cone casualty we were all checked in and through customs. We were blessed with great conditions for our flights and had a smooth transition to our connecting flight in Johannesburg. The highlight of the flight was a beautiful sunrise that reminded us of God’s amazing handiwork. After arriving in Livingston we boarded a bus for a 3 hour ride to Macha. While on that ride we took time to refocus and spend time in worship together. The final half hour of our ride was on a dirt road that a four wheeler would function best on, but our driver skillfully maneuvered is safely to our destination. We are staying in the Macha Research Hostel in dorm style rooms. The PTR missionaries welcomed us into their home for a taco dinner, making us feel right at home. We are calling it a night in hopes to catch up on some much needed sleep to be well rested for an exciting week of serving and adventures.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mom’s!

Schenk, Cheri, and the team

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