LBC Zambia Update 5.15.19

Happy Hump Day from Macha!

Hello everyone! It was another great day in Macha! Our day started off with a great team time session, where we discussed how to help without hurting on short term missions. We reflected on how this impacts our past trips or views on missions compared to this trip we are on. We were able to spend time teaching the Push the Rock staff from Zambia about lacrosse and basketball! We were able to share drills and skills that they can use with the kids. After the clinic we had the opportunity to ride in the back of a truck to one of the Push the Rock staff members’ house. They kindly prepared us insima, chicken, goat, tomato and onion soup, ground nut cabbage, and a drink made of maze (tastes like corn on the cob in drink form). They were so welcoming and we had the opportunity to watch them prepare the food over the fire. We got to see everything Boyd (PTR staff) built for himself and family, and everything that went into his farm. He showed us around and we saw his goats, chickens, pigs, the cow pen, and his garden. It was incredible to see all the hard work he put in to his house and everything he built. After his house, we went back to the PTR base. The kids were ready to play when we got back to play various board games, puzzles, and activities. We spent the rest of the afternoon with the children building relationships and having fun. It is crazy to see how excited the kids are to play and their willingness to try new games. After having a great afternoon with the kids, we ate an amazing dinner at the Thuma’s house. With our stomachs full, we debriefed as a team, played a lively game, and heard testimonies from some of our team. It has been another great day in Macha, but the week has gone by fast. Please be praying for energy and a few more great days ahead. Cannot wait to see what else God will do with this week! Thanks for reading and praying!

Leah, Cam, and the team

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