LBC Zambia Update 5.16.19

Game Day From Macha

To start our Thursday May 16th, we gathered for breakfast like any other morning with our freshly baked chocolate chip muffins, compliments of Corie and a time of talking about the day ahead of us. We headed over to the Thuma’s house for our daily team time where we discussed learning, fellowship, and encouragement in short-term missions. After team time we split into lacrosse and basketball clinics to teach Push The Rock staff more drills and activities related to each sport. Throughout the hour long clinics there was never a moment of silence but rather a constant laughter and competitive spirit in the air. We went back to the Thumas for a delicious lunch that put everybody in a food coma (aka. everyone took a nap). Around 2 o’clock we all piled in the two vehicles (very squished) and journeyed on our way to tour MICS, a private school in Macha. The school was for kids K-7 and offered boarding for students who were not locals of Macha. This year at MICS the student population consisted of 200 students. Around 4 o’clock we had the opportunity to watch Push The Rock’s soccer team play in one of their local tournaments. While watching the game it gave us the opportunity to interact with the kids and families of Macha. It was a very exciting game to watch and the crowd was intently cheering on their teams. The crowd consisted of practically the whole village and people from surrounding areas came to watch. The end of game came right as the sun set and was a special moment of parting ways with fellow friends and newly created bond over the game of soccer. During dinner we discussed the day and everything we had experienced together and how to process all of it for when we return to the States. After the amazing mango curry chicken and rice dinner, we sang worship songs and a couple more of our team members shared testimonies. It was another great day in Macha and seeing God’s glory through it all.

Thanks for reading and praying,

Christine, Sonja, and the team

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