LBC Zambia Update 5.18.19

Off to Livingstone

Early this morning at 7:30 we said goodbye to Macha and made the 3 hour trip to Livingstone. The one bus’ trip lasted a little longer due to a speeding ticket. But all is well and we got there safely.

Arriving in Livingstone around noon, we are lunch and got ready for Victoria Falls!! We spent about 3 hours hiking all around the falls. We started at the top, then made our way across the bridge (where we got soaked). After getting drenched we made the long hike down to the bottom of the falls (the boiling pot). Victoria Falls was powerful, majestic, beautiful, and we were all in awe of God’s creation!

After the falls we went to local shops where many were able to practice bartering and saying no thank you. It was quite adventure!

Once we were finished shopping we went to dinner at Olga’s Italian restaurant. Many of us were excited to have pizza! Some were even adventurous and tried crocodile! After dinner we stopped for gelato which filled our cravings for ice cream!

Now we are getting ready to get a good night’s sleep for our safari adventure tomorrow!

Thanks for your continued prayers! We will be home soon!

Sara B. & Raegan

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