Zambia Update #2 July 22, 2014

Our second full day in Macha has come to a close! We started off the day with breakfast before our walk out to MICS, the local Christian school, to run the first day of the soccer clinic. The Push The Rock team was introduced and welcomed – by dancing with the teachers – to MICS in morning chapel time with the students. After shaking hands with each student and teacher, we headed out to the field to set up stations for the first group, which consisted of the Baby and Reception classes and Grade 1. With these little ones, we warmed up with some running and fun stretches and then played different games with them! The second group to come out was Grades 2 and 3, while the last group consisted of Grades 4-7. With these two older groups, the Push The Rock team took them through a short running warm up and fun stretches – although some of the stretches were a little more intense than fun!! After warming up, we split the kids up into four teams and assigned them each a pair of coaches. Each group came up with a team name – the names ranged from Blue Flamingoes to Germany! The kids started out in the station with their coaches and then got to rotate through stations with drills teaching dribbling, passing, shooting, and some fun soccer games. After the kids rotated through all the stations, we split the field into two fields to play games. It was a really fun morning getting to know the kids out at MICS and starting to build relationships with them! We are really excited to go back for the next three days and continue to build relationships and teach soccer.

After returning from MICS to a wonderful lunch, we spent some time working on our testimonies that will be shared at MICS or with other kids around Macha. Soon after wrapping up that time, we headed out on a 45-minute walk to a field to play our first soccer game of the week! We headed out to a field to play the Macha Bulls. Our Push The Rock team was joined by a few of the Zambians that are working on the rec center here at the PTRZ campus, as well as a few that play on the local teams. I am happy to announce that the Push The Rock team won the game 4-3 after playing through the normal 90 minutes, plus the extra 20 minutes that was added on to the end of the game. The second half of the game ended up being about 65 minutes long! We had an awesome time playing soccer, getting to know some of the local guys, and cheering and playing with the kids that were around watching the game!

After the 45-minute walk back to the house, we ended the night with a delicious supper and our time of devotions. We were challenged in team time to think about what Christian fellowship means, as well as to think about how Paul, as we can see in his letter to Philippi, loved people and longed for them to know Christ. We also got to hear another testimony from a team member! We will definitely get a good night’s sleep tonight, and we are so excited to continue to teach, learn, build relationships, and see what God has in store for us tomorrow!

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