Madrid Day 2 – July 8, 2013 Monday

Starting the day off at 78ºF is such a teaser.  As we eat our breakfast on the back porch, we are welcomed by a gentle breeze and good food.  Following a short night’s sleep (having dinner at 10:30PM) we were up for the new day by 7:30AM.  Following a time of  preparation and prayer for the day, the team made their way to the gym.  With 104 kids in camp, we started off the day with excitement.  The gym is plenty big to accommodate the kids and once we had them in groups, we welcomed them, shared our sportsmanship thought for the day, and then prayed to start the day.  Stretching, the defense drill, and stations all followed and brought us to the time where the kids were allowed to eat the snack they brought.  We divided the group in half, and when finished, the half went outside to the pool that is connected with the gym.  The other group stayed inside and played 5 v 5 games to practice the skills that they have learned earlier in the day.  The two groups switched and the outside group game inside for a fun defense drill with Jamie while the inside group went outside to enjoy the pool and the 104º sun.  At 2PM, all the kids joined each other and our time with them was needed.  A quick team meeting was held in the gym to recap the morning and we were off to a local restaurant for lunch.  Lunch was served in “two plates” and was delicious.  Team Time followed and we were able to hear the moving testimonies of Jon and Kory.  Powerful, God works all things for His Glory, even though we may not see it that way.  A time of discussion of Jonathan from the Old Testament allowed the team to be encouraged to be confident in our great God and what He has called us to do.  Back in the gym to play with the kids who have returned for some open gym/games time.  A quick snack was eaten and the team prepared to scrimmage against a local church who wanted to play the PTR team.  All played well and stayed safe as the PTR team worked hard and practiced keeping their testimony as they prepare for their first game in Madrid.  A special guest from Tenerife arrived today as well – Sajid.  Spending the last two weeks with PTR in Tenerife had gotten him excited to continue to work with PTR.  Adding Sajid to the team will help it in many ways – spiritually, athletically, and experientially.  After another good meal, we enjoyed stimulating conversation around the table, basking in the warmth of the conversation and the warm Madrid air.  Laying down their heads to rest, the team is silently preparing for tomorrow.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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