Madrid Day 3 – July 9, 2013 Tuesday

Today’s beginning was much like yesterday.  Breakfast in our homes and then meeting at the home of one of the hosts for a short time for prayer and a word of encouragement from scripture for the day.  The host home that we met at is only 1.5 blocks away from the gym so once we were finished, we walked down to the gym.  The clinic had a total of 104 kids today and it was great to work with them all.  The majority of them are between the ages of 8-12 but not all have basketball skill.  The younger ones, ages 5-7, are plentiful and are a good way for our to learn how to work with this age group.  Of the older group, 13-15, most have played basketball but about half do not play for an organized team or club.  Those that play for the local club, Arroyomolinos, are interested in learning more about the game and work hard at developing their skills.  The format for today followed yesterday including a snack time and pool time for all of the kids.  With the temperature at 96ºF, low humidity, and a soft breeze, the time in the pool was refreshing for both the kids and the coaches.  Lunch and Team Time were held at the same restaurant as yesterday and we seem to be leaving a good impression with the staff at the restaurant.  The food was quite delicious and a few of the hearty souls ordered rabbit for lunch.  The dish included the rabbit’s head as well, indicating proof that what they were eating was truly rabbit.  In Team Time, both Jeremy and Jamie gave their testimonies which were able to help the rest of the team in their walk with the Lord.  Jon presented the devotional from Esther and we talked more about the confidence we have in our mighty God.  We returned to the gym for our open gym time and were able to put together a 4 v 4 game for the younger kids who were there and we were able to play 5 v 5 with some of the older kids that were present.  All enjoyed the time and the games that were played.  8:30PM ushered in the beginning of our first game together, playing against a team that had been very successful in its league this year.  With a roster of tall players, the Arroyomolinos team was fast and had very good shooters.  The PTR team was able to build a lead in the first quarter, but the lead which was once as high as 12 worked its way down to 5 by the end of the half.  Getting behind in the 4th quarter, the PTR team battled back to take the lead and win 88-84.  It was a very competitive game and one in which required PTR to keep its composure and maintain its testimony.  As the PTR players worked hard to play well, they also worked to keep a positive testimony to the opponents, fans, and official.  Overall, it was a great first game and we look forward to playing the next level higher team tomorrow.  With the temperature down to 82º F at midnight, it is a bit cooler that it was during the day.  However, the temperature will rise again tomorrow and so will we as we prepare for another day in the service for the King.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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