Madrid Day 4, July 10, Wednesday 2013

A nice, cool morning is a great way start the day.  The sun starts to rise but is not overhead yet and the cool breeze allows us to enjoy another morning.  With the temperatures dropping into the high 70’s, sleeping is easy after long, busy days.  The routine continues as the previous days have with breakfast in the morning, the devotional thought for the day to start us off, and then to the gym for the clinic.  Turnout for the day dipped to 96 kids as the temperature rose to 95º F.  The kids seem to enjoy the day and the clinic and are having fun as they interact with the coaches.  Jamie brings a big smile to the kids as he always can be found with a small group huddled around him.  The other coaches are as heavily invested as well and its great to see them working hard with the kids during the clinic.  Lunch was held at the same place the past two days and we seem to be making an impact in those who are employed there.  This is evidenced when the waitstaff would not accept the tip.  They are giving us a special place in the restaurant for our Time Time meeting and have even opened up a bit to allow us to continue to gather for our meeting.  We pray that the time spent there will increase the interest of the waitstaff and the owners to know more about who we are and why we meet.  Lord willing, this will give an open door to share the Gospel with them sometime in the future.  Back in the gym for our open gym time with the kids, we were again able to interact with them and play with them.  The game tonight had us playing against the best team we have played against in the 5 years that PTR has been in Spain.  Our opponent is from a town called Getafe and is a First National team, one level below the professional level.  With 71 fans in the stands, PTR was up 24-21 at the end of the first quarter and up 50-37 at the end of the first half.  By the end of the third quarter, PTR had remained ahead 68-63.  With the final 10 minutes of the game, the Getafe team used their strong legs to finish the game ahead, 93-82.  Push the Rock played hard and well, giving a great testimony of what God has been doing in their lives and showing others how to use the game of basketball to share the Love of Christ.  The love of the Lord was even evident to the official who was able to notice that PTR is not like the other teams he has seen.  We are grateful to God for all of the doors He has opened for us while here in the great city of Arroyomolinos, Madrid.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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