Madrid Day 6 – July 12, 2013 Friday

Well, it is here.  The day we knew was coming but didn’t expect to see so soon.  It feels like we just arrived a day ago, but as we look back at all that God has done since we arrived, we are amazed at how He is creating opportunities for us share His love and make a difference in the lives of others.  The morning devotional time was lead by missionary Mark who shared with us the ways God is changing hearts in the town of Arroyomolinos.  People have been sharing with us the differences they are seeing in us compared to what they are used to seeing in basketball teams.  We are so pleased with how God is opening the eyes of those around us to begin to see Him more clearly.  The clinic today had a low of 86 kids, but with a high of 97ºF, there was plenty of sun and warmth for everyone to share.  Working with the kids at the clinic was the main portion of the morning as it has been all week and the coaches placed an emphasis on the fun activities and drills that the kids enjoyed earlier in the week.  The pool time was great as we had a chance again today (like the previous days) to enjoy the beautiful Madrid.  Some coaches were playing with the kids in the water, others choose to stay poolside, but all enjoyed the warmth and the steady breeze of a summer Madrid day.  Lunch again was held at our same restaurant and today the experience was even better.  The waitstaff had anticipated our needs and automatically moved to accommodate us.  The food was just as good as we remember it from 24 hours ago and the atmosphere also remained quaint and private.  After a good meal and stimulating conversation, we began to prepare for Team Time.  The waitstaff began again to attend to our needs even before we made a move.  Taking care of the simple things, they allowed us to better focus on our Time Time and our meeting.  We also solved the mystery of Sajid (Venezuelan and Canarian from Tenerife) as he gave his powerful testimony.  Sharing about God’s grace Sajid told the story of his life and God’s involvement in it.  Dan gave the lesson from Joseph as we then talked about trustworthiness and being responsible.  We were able to took a quick look at the nearby ‘Zandux’ mall where the mall has an indoor 200M high ski slope.  Following our short trip to see only 1 of 3 of these in the world, the coaches made thier way to the stadium where the week’s closing ceremonies were being held.  The church was granted use of the stadium by the town hall who has been so gracious to offer it to us to use.  We had a short program where we were able to thank those who helped make the week possible and award our sportsmanship awards to those kids who demonstrated those things that are so important to us.  We were also able to give out a certificate of participation to all the kids who attended the clinic.  The certificates were significant because the town hall produced them for us, showing joint participation in the week.  Their support was so integral to the success of our mission and it was incredible to see how accommodating and helpful they have been.  The night ended with a great meal back at our host homes and then it was off to sleep again.  As we laid our heads on our pillows, smiles run far across our faces since our joy has come from serving Him.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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