Madrid Day 7 – July 13, Saturday 2013

The last full day has arrived and we set out together on one more adventure.  After breakfast, we gathered at the train station to head into the major world city known as Madrid.  Being a city and a province, the name Madrid covers a lot of territory.  Our excursion took us into the city center to see some of the famous building and places in this metropolitan city.  Walking around from one site to another, we saw all of the great things Madrid had to offer.  In between stops, we have a wonderful lunch at an outdoor cafe on one of the pedestrian streets in the city.  As the sun rose, the air remained cool as a soft breeze blew gently blew, keeping us cool in the shade of the cafe’s umbrellas.  Having a found a great “menu del dia”, the cafe offered a great selection and wonderful view.  It was a refreshing time as time stood still for us as we engaged in conversation and reveled in our time here in Spain.  Enjoying the company of believers on a beautiful day in the heart of Spain has a wonderful way of showing us the grace and mercy of our great God.  Upon our return to our homes, we rested about before our team’s debrief meeting.  Always an important time, the debrief allows us to review what God has done through us, with us, in us, and despite us.  It is a great time of reflection on who He is and what He can do. Following the debrief, we enjoyed our last supper here with our hosts.  Heading to bed is a hard thing to do, but a necessity as we will need our strength to make the long journey home tomorrow.  By God’s grace, we can look back on the week and praise Him for all that has been done in His name and for all the glory He has received.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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