Mexico Day 3

Hola amigos y familia y hermanos en Christo!

We just finished our first full day of community outreach and soccer camps. This morning we to undertake a few projects under the leadership and with the full blessing of the president of 11 neighborhoods surrounding the church we are partnering with as well as the park in which we will be holding our clinics.

Half of our group combed the local park and picked up five large garbage bags of broken glass, orange juice cartons, dog poop baggies and about any other litter you might imagine strewn on the ground. The other half of our group took up the post-hole digger and cement bucket and installed signs in the park and in nearby street medians commissioned by the community president (or community organizer?) who stopped to pose with the new signs for a few publicity photos. Because of our work in connection with the local church, this woman has opened up facilities she owns for the church to use for meetings and conferences. God has already used us to open doors for his kingdom to expand through this congregation!

According to my best calculations, 53 kids showed up at our first day of camp and we anticipate a greater number in the following days as we return and word spreads around the neighborhood. Church members demonstrated their enthusiasm for sports ministry as they came and helped at our clinic today. We are excited for the ways in which God will use sports ministry through the local church in the near future even after we leave.

Thank you for your prayers; we love you all! Blessings upon you.

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