Mexico Day 4


Today I am pleased and blessed to report some very encouraging news. After only a few days of camps lives and communities are being changed through an encounter with God.

We have been able to build relationships with many kids and our enthusiastic church partners since we are running clinics at the same location for multiple hours every day this week. Non-Christian and unchurched onlookers or parents of campers have commented that they know God’s presence is here and some have already expressed their interest in learning more.

Moreover, because of our testimonies, service project work and camp interaction, community members are beginning to take ownership of their own park, cleaning up trash of their own accord, looking for ways to serve others during camp, and more. Most importantly, our partners at the church have definitely caught the flame for sports ministry. The children at Real Jardines park don’t want us to leave, but they and the church members remain excited for continuing an ongoing relationship through weekly sports clinics after we depart.

Ramon, a church planter, pastor and president of a prominent seminary in Guadalajara who has been working with us all week said tonight that our team has taught him and his fellow nationals something new: the language of the children. We praise God for using us to bolster our brothers and sisters in Christ in their outreach efforts to the people near them!

Please continue to pray for open hearts tomorrow and Friday mornings as we excitedly return to Instituto Philadelphia school which welcomed us richly and graciously last year.

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