Mexico Men’s Soccer 5-26-12

Frank Sinatra once crooned, “It happened. . .in old Mexico.”  He also famously beckoned “come fly with me, let’s fly let’s fly away.”  Franky didn’t exactly have sports ministry on the brain when he told those tales of flying and Mexico.  Nevertheless those little excerpts nicely encapsulate the day for the PTR Men’s Soccer team: flying and Mexico.  After flying from Philly to Dallas Fort Worth, and grabbing a little lunch (some of the guys ate at Popeye’s which was quite disappointing considering spinach made no appearance on the menu) we boarded our connecting flight to Guadalajara, Mexico.  Praise the Lord for a safe arrival!  Shortly after arriving at our missionary hosts’ home, we walked a couple hundred yards to an authentic taco restaurant and sampled the local cuisine, including but not limited to tongue tacos, brain tacos, head meat tacos, and a few hot peppers that had at least one of our team members a little misty-eyed and red-faced.  We’re excited for a great day of rest and Christian fellowship with the Church tomorrow.  Much love to all of you at home.  Blessings!

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