Mexico Men’s Soccer Finals Days

Greetings from Guadalajara!

First let me apologize for not having updated you on our trip earlier.  I experienced internet difficulties the past two nights when I was planning to write.

Our team finished our clinics on Friday by returning to Los Olivos and working with our largest group of campers yet, somewhere around 100 for both the morning and afternoon sessions combined.  Apparently word spread around town about our camps earlier in the week.

After camps we changed our shoes, re=sunscreened and gulped down some water before walking across the street to take on some local guys in a friendly match on a basketball/soccer court.  Many of the kids from camp came and watched and a few of them faithfully served as ball boys.  We believe the message of Christ and others- first Christian behavior promoted by PTR has already begun to take hold in some of the kids’ lives.

Saturday morning our team spent two hours helping one of the local missionary families move out of their house; we moved a lot of furniture including several marble items proving that PTR soccer players work just as hard off the field as on it.  We were glad to be able to give back to a family that has partnered with us in ministry this week, opening doors for ministry and providing translation assistance.

Later in the afternoon we headed to San Juan de Dios, a large market in Guadalajara, for a little shopping.  We concluded the evening with a final match versus the team from Factor Fe.  We prayed together and said our final goodbyes at the park to a few of the missionaries that have helped us this week as well as to church members, one of whom worked with us all week and became an incredible asset to our team as well as a good friend.

Tomorrow (it’s actually today as I write) we plan to fly home, leaving for the airport in Guadalajara at 5:00 AM and arriving back in Emmaus around 5:30 PM, Lord willing.  Please pray for our team that the Lord will grant us safe traveling and that we will eagerly seize opportunities for telling others about the ministry we have been about for the past nine or so days.  Much love and blessings to you all!

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