Mexico Men’s Soccer

Buenos dias!

The last two days have been full of wonderful things (despite the 6:00 AM wakeup calls and midnight bedtimes).  We just finished our second day of camp at Instituto Philadelphia Guadalajara, a prestigious bilingual school 10 or 15 minutes from our missionary hosts’ house.  We ran about seven short clinics each of the past two days for children ranging in age from five to fifteen, and we also shared testimonies with each group.  The children were quite well behaved and listened well during testimony time, so we will see what comes of our ministry there.  The kids enjoyed themselves and the staff also appreciated our work and presence in the school; we already have an invitation to play the men’s staff team in a soccer match if we return, which we hope to within the year.

Last night we joined a worship service at a church founded by our missionary hosts; we sang a lot of songs, played tambourines, and shared our life stories while coach Dave spoke to the congregation about Push The Rock.  Tonight we eagerly anticipate playing a match in a park/soccer complex near where we attended church on Sunday.

Tomorrow we plan to participate in our final day of camps during this trip, returning to Los Olivos where we ran clinics on Tuesday.  We anticipate a good turnout as campers from Monday and members of the local church have spread the word and invited more kids.  Thank you again for your prayers.

Dios se bendiga!

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