Miami Day 3 – Sabbath

Sunday Sunday Sunday!  Our first morning in Miami kicked off with a hearty breakfast.  From breakfast our team moved into Sunday School/small group time.  We had a wonderful time of studying the word and encouraging and challenging one another.

After the beginning of the church service, the congregation shared in about 10 minutes of greeting one another after which one of our team members expressed that this was certainly the most welcomed she had ever felt at a church.  I think most of us concurred.

Following a challenging message from the pastor, we enjoyed some cuban cuisine for lunch then headed to the beach to savor a little sabbath rest.

This evening several of our team members unofficially began our week of sports ministry by joining a young kid from the area in a pick up game of  basketball at a court near the church.  We had a blast finally getting the opportunity to be active in sport and interact with kids, things we haven’t been able to while driving 22 hours in the last two days.  Some of us are tired after the physical exertion and anticipate sleeping well.

Lord willing everything will kick off with camp tomorrow morning.  Please pray for a smooth and energetic start to camp, for good attitudes from sleepy staffers, and for wisdom and inspiration in sharing Christ with the kids.

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