Miami Day 4 – Monday

You’ve probably heard about the song “Friday” by Rebecca Black, about how she can hardly wait for Friday and how her excitement makes it hard for her to even make such a simple decision as what seat in the car she should take.  Even if you aren’t one of the 160 + million people who have watched the youtube video, you can probably relate to looking forward to a certain special day with great anticipation.

For the last several days our team has been looking forward not to Friday, but to Monday, of all days.  When our heads popped off our pillows a little before 6:00 this morning, we got right down to business preparing ourselves and the equipment for today’s camp: soccer.  Draped halfway out of sleeping bags, we laid our hands on the pumps and set to work filling up the soccer balls.

At about 9:15, the first orange-camp-t-shirted kids started streaming onto the field.  Camp was a lot of fun, and very humid.  Most of our royal blue staff t-shirts showed traces of a darker shade.  Crayola might have called it “sweat navy,” or something silly like that.

After lunch, we gathered together for a common chapel and individual team times in which coaches meet and share a daily message with the small group of players assigned to them for the week.  Many of us were impressed at the attentiveness and level of engagement of the campers during team time and were accordingly encouraged.  Some of our coaches were able to get to know a few campers at a surprising depth through team times and personal chatting with them over lunch time and after camp while they waited for their rides home.  While lightning and foreboding clouds forced us inside prematurely in the afternoon, day one of camp proved a definite success in our mission to impact Miami one life at a time for Christ through sports.

Once more a handful of our coaches and a couple members of the church here ventured out into the sweltering heat to play some basketball on the courts where we will be conducting basketball camp tomorrow.  We are thankful for the campers’ excitement about basketball and hope for a powerful day of ministry tomorrow.  Please pray for strength and cheerful endurance as we will also be putting on a two hour clinic at another location about 45 minutes after finishing our initial day of camp.  Thank you so much!  God bless!


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