Miami Day 5 – Thank God It’s…Tuesday

Today we ran basketball camp.  A few more kids showed up and joined us today, sharing with their fellow campers the basketball buzz recently aroused by the formation of the almost NBA champions: the Miami Heat.  (Thank you Dallas Mavericks!)  After spending a couple days running sports clinics during the peak heat of the day, I’m beginning to realize why Miami would name one of their sports franchises the Heat… So apropos.

By now, most of us coaches have turned varying shades of pink and red from our time in the sun.  Yet we’re finding that our minimal “suffering” pales in comparison to the joy we are experiencing in working with the kids.  I can’t comment on everyone else’s team times today, but I know that my campers asked a lot of significant spiritual and theological questions in our time together today; I’m thrilled to have the opportunity simply to discuss with them and offer any little wisdom I can from scripture and personal experience.  I and others of us have been blessed again today with occasions for helping engaged kids understand scriptural lessons, praying with them, etc.  I’m beginning to taste just how much of a privilege it is that God allows us to play a part in His ministry, to act as His vessels, ambassadors and partners in spreading the knowledge of Him to others.

After our first camp wrapped up, we took a 30 minute break before driving twenty or so minutes to an Christian inner city ministry organization offering after-school and summer camp programs for local kids.  They invited us to run clinics with their campers today and Thursday afternoon.  Our time with the kids there was a bit more informal than our regular morning camp, but we still spent time teaching the kids good skills and having a fun time with a few sprint races and a coaches dunk competition among other things.  The kids were wonderful and it was a joy to spice up their typical schedule and put some smiles on their faces with our visit.  Coach Mike capped off our time together by sharing a powerful and relevant testimony with the campers.  We eagerly anticipate returning on Thursday for an afternoon of soccer!  Thank you for all of your prayer support!  We have already seen God working and we look forward to watching how He will continue to show up and change the lives of the campers and even our own.

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