Miami Days 6 and 7- [Insert creative title here]

First off, my apologies for not writing an update last night.  Needless to say, things have been quite hectic here the past few days.  I’m writing this as a break from completing my player evaluations.  Accordingly, tonight’s (or should I say this morning’s) update will feature a format more quick hitting and brief than those preceding it.


– A camper named David makes a commitment to Christ! “One life at a time!!”

-We male coaches get nicknames: Chaz: Iron Lotus, Tommie: Sir Text a Lot, Chris: Honkey (for honking accidentally while driving), Nathan: Dougie.

-Bowling fail.  Went to the bowling alley with a good group from the church for a nice evening outing.  After occupying ourselves for two hours waiting for lanes to open up (it was $1 league bowl night) we had to head home before actually doing any bowling.  The evening as a whole, however, was not a failure; we enjoyed a good time of fellowship with the families and campers from the church!

– Oh, and pastor Weller made sure we took home a valuable ministry lesson from the bowling night: “Ok mission guys, now you know what flexibility is.”


-Camps: We got to use the nearby baseball fields for kickball. During play we saw a good deal of bad sportsmanship/selfishness/pride displayed which while discouraging, gave plenty of relevant fodder for coaches in team time and chapel, the theme of which was teamwork, serving others, putting them first, loving them as we love ourselves, etc.

-Presented Play for Christ; lots of kids signed. Cool for me because I remember the transformation that occurred in my life after signing that same contract as a camper in 2004.

-We returned to the inner-city Christian organization after-school/summer program and enjoyed a great day of competition with the kids, challenging them and some of their staffers to football and soccer matches.  We also joined them in a time of praise and worship.

-Closed the day with yet another convicting and inspiring team time back at the church, sharing testimonies and a devotional on the third of the ten commandments.

-Somewhere, Rebecca Black is celebrating that it’s Friday.  We also are looking forward to Friday as another wonderful and blessed day of camp with the kids we’ve grown close to and invested in.  If you want, pray for strength for our team.  It’s been a hot and tiring week and tomorrow we have a narrow window – about two hours after lunch – in which parents of the campers will form their view of our entire week, our program, ourselves.  Pray that they will see something of Christ in us and desire this ministry of Push the Rock and Christ Himself to become a bigger part of their lives.

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