Miami Update #2

Today we finished our 1st day of camp!   The team was excited to return to the church this morning for the start of camp after having just had the opportunity to worship with the congregation Sunday morning.  On Sunday, the team joined many of New Life Chapel’s church members in various small groups before gathering together for the service.  We were blessed to listen to the children who had participated in last week’s vacation bible school lead worship.  It was an encouraging experience to see these young lives not only worshipping God, but leading the older church members in a time of praise.  We are so appreciative of how welcome the church has made us feel.  It is obvious that they are excited for the team to be here and we are extremely grateful for the hospitality and help they have provided us with.

After a wonderful lunch, the team met together to finish some of our training.  We also spent quite a bit of time pumping up lots of sports balls and preparing our equipment for the week.  Before finishing, the team spent some time in prayer for the campers, coaches, and volunteers.  In the evening, some of the team (mostly the men) watched the NBA finals while the rest of us attempted to get to the shore in time to see the sunset.  Even though we did not quite make it in time, we enjoyed seeing the city lights of downtown Miami, feeling the evening breeze by the bay, and watching the ships’ lights out on the water.  Miami is an exciting place to be right now with the Heat playing in the NBA finals.  There are signs everywhere saying “Go Heat!”  Our campers are all hoping the Heat can pull through and win the series, but they will have to improve their game a lot from last night if they want to come away with the win!

This morning we got up extra early in order to get everything set up for the first day of camp.  The kids started coming around 9:00 and camp was in full swing by 9:30.  There were around 30 campers today, but we expect that more may still come throughout the week.  Today’s sport was soccer.  This morning we taught some basic skills at five different stations that the kids rotated through and in the afternoon we played some small 5-on-5 games.  We also had the campers compete in some fun soccer competitions such as World Cup, dribble knock-out, and kick-the-coaches.  It was definitely a hot day and we took MANY water breaks, but both the campers and coaches were very appreciative of the many clouds in the sky and steady breeze.  Thank you Lord for these small blessings!

The team is looking forward to our 2nd day of camp tomorrow.  We are so excited to see God already at work in many of these young lives.  We are confident that our heavenly Father has great things in store for these precious children this week.  Thank you again everyone for your prayers!  Your faithful support is a huge aspect of making this week successful.

1st Day of Camp!

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