Miami Update #3- First Day of Camp!

Today was the first day of Push the Rock camp! The team was extremely excited to finally get the camp underway after preparing for it all weekend. We were up early this morning, eating breakfast at 7:45. As soon as breakfast was over, we were able to gather together to be challenged in the Scriptures and pray over the day of camp. We were challenged out of Luke 9:23, where Jesus calls us to deny ourselves, take up our crosses, and follow Him. We prayed to the Lord for kids to show up, as we had no idea how many would be coming to camp. We also prayed that God would withhold the rain during the day since it has been raining a lot during our time here! After breakfast and the devotion, we set up our equipment outside. We would be running the camp on the field right beside the Church. Here are a few pictures of what the location looked like:

Day 1.8Day 1.9


Thankfully, the Lord answered our prayers! We had many kids show up! The Lord withheld the rain all day during camp, and then allowed it to rain after we had left the field. We were blessed with great weather today (although it was very hot!). We were able to split the kids into teams based on their age groups and get them to participate in a variety of soccer activities. Today’s theme in ‘team time’ was on our purpose: How God has designed us each with a unique purpose. We were able to explain to the kids all about our purpose in life, which goes way beyond sports. Many relationships were built today among the campers and coaches, and it would be great to continually receive prayer for God’s love to continually flow through us to them.

Tonight, during our team time, we focused on the second half of the book of Philippians. We discussed how Paul found joy simply in proclaiming the Good News, even though he was bound in chains and really had nothing to be thankful for from an earthly perspective. We looked at a verse that is often cited as a favorite life verse among believers: “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21). Paul knew that this life had nothing to offer outside of Christ, and we were challenged to look at life the same way. We discussed how Paul viewed death as a blessing in which he would finally be with his Savior and Lord! Death is such a terrifying topic when you have nothing to hope for outside of yourself… But we were reminded that Jesus Christ has prepared for us an eternal home with Himself!

Continue to life the team up in prayer and pray that relationships would be kindled throughout the week. Pray for boldness to preach the Gospel.

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