Miami update #3

Today was day number two of camp and we were blessed again with a nice breeze and occasional clouds throughout the day. The sport for the day was flag football, which excited many of the boys in the group. Although we were pumped up for another day of camp, we had to overcome some challenges dealing with illness. However, we were very grateful for a group of willing volunteers who assisted us wherever we needed them. The kids enjoyed several flag football stations throughout the morning as well as a thrilling water balloon toss, which ended with many wet kids. During team time, we discussed how to be a “game changer”. We talked about the importance of willingness to obey God no matter the circumstance. One example we looked at from the Bible was Abraham and his obedience to God’s command. In the afternoon, the kids participated in small flag football games to practice the skills that they learned from the stations in the morning. We had good competition while keeping it fun. We finished out the day with a coaches testimony and an exciting tug of war game with the kids against the coaches. As a team we are very thankful for the volunteers from the church who have been very dedicated in their help as well as the nice weather. As the day comes to a close, being in Miami, of course we have to be watching game six of the NBA finals, routing on the Miami Heat to victory. ¬†Please pray for our team throughout the week, that we are able to maintain our health and finish out the week strong. Thank you for your continued support!¬†Miami 2013

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