Miami Update #4

We are now more than halfway through our week of camp.  It is hard to believe that there are only 2 more days left!  Today’s sport was basketball.  The campers were more than excited to shoot some hoops after the comeback of the Heat in the game last night.  Most of the kids are Heat enthusiasts and had stayed up the night before to watch the game.  It was fun to listen to them talk excitedly about the game.  Even though none of us on the team are true Heat fans, I think it is safe to say that we are all hoping they pull away with the win on Thursday.

In the afternoon, the campers participated in some half-court basketball games.  The games got pretty competitive and it was obvious that these kids were playing to win.  This provided the coaches with an opportunity to share with the campers what true sportsmanship looks like and how even in the midst of a sports game, we can still be examples of God’s love through our attitude and actions.  It was encouraging to see the change in the kids playing after this discussion.

Today may have been the hottest of the days so far, but again the Lord’s favor was on us with the steady breeze that lasted throughout the day.  The hot temperatures did not seem to slow down the campers or coaches … although we do seem to be taking a few more drink breaks as the week goes on!  We are thankful that those struggling with sickness were feeling much better today and are hoping that they will all be back in full swing tomorrow.

Tonight we had the opportunity to join New Life Chapel’s youth group.  It was a fun evening of interacting with the church’s teens.  Everyone enjoyed the new game we introduced to the group … 4-on-a-couch!  I think the youth could have played all evening and it was quite entertaining for the adults to watch.  We were thankful for this short opportunity to connect with these young men and women.  We are grateful for the many relationships being developed!

Please continue to pray for strength as we finish up the week.  Tomorrow, the Gospel message will be presented to the campers.  It is our prayer that the children who do not have a relationship with the Lord would come to  understand their need for a Savior and God’s abundant grace and love for them.  We are very excited to continue to see how God will work in the lives of these precious children during the last two days of camp!

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