Miami Update #5

Our Push The Rock camp at New Life Chapel has come to a close.  We completed our last day of camp today.  Yesterday and today were spent playing a variety of recreational games such as capture-the-flag, dodgeball, tug-of-war, and various tag games.  Both days were very warm, so both campers and coaches were more than happy to participate in some activities that involved getting wet.  The campers enjoyed having water balloons tossed at them and being sprayed with super soakers while trying to beat the opposing team in an obstacle course.

It has been obvious that the campers have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the many sports and other recreational activities we have done throughout the week of camp, but it has been an even bigger blessing and source of encouragement to watch these children learn about God’s abounding love for each one of them.  It was a privilege to listen to the the pastor of New Life Chapel present the hope of the Gospel to all the campers yesterday.  Afterwards, the coaches were able to talk even more about the significance of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection with their campers during Team Time.  Each day of the week, coaches have led their team of about 5-8 campers in Team Time .  During this time, coaches have used Scripture to teach and challenge the campers to not only be game changers on the court, but to be game changers in life for Jesus Christ.  It has been an amazing experience to see such young lives ask questions and respond to what we have been sharing.

Despite being exhausted from early mornings and long days in the hot, Florida sun, the team has appreciated being able to experience a little bit of Miami in the evenings.  On Thursday evening, the team enjoyed a picnic on the beach and then took a swim in the ocean.  It was wonderful to enjoy the bathwater temperature water, strolls along the shore, and the tropical breeze after our day of camp.   We also had a lot of fun getting to see the city skyline in the daylight on our travels to the beach.

After our trip to the beach, we all gathered to cheer the Heat on to victory!  It was a late night, but well worth the excitement of watching the Heat win in their home city.  There was a lot of  hooting, fireworks, and honking horns in celebration of the win last night and it was obvious today that the city is very proud of their team.  We had some very tired, but thrilled campers show up to camp this morning.

Although camp is completed, we still have a couple other opportunities to interact with some of our campers and their families this weekend.  Tomorrow we will be joining the church for a BBQ, complete with a water slide and bounce house!  This is a great chance for the church to invest in many of the local families whose children were involved in our Push The Rock camp or the New Life Chapel’s vacation Bible School.  We are excited to be a part of this event and to spend one more day with the precious children we were able to develop relationships with this past week one more time!

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