MWS Trip Update 5-12-12 Part II

Where to begin…that’s the question!  As mentioned in the previous post, at 8 am we were off to a church in the San Jose area that  is using a gym type structure to conduct regular Saturday sessions for children.  We were not sure what to expect, but were so humbled and blessed to a part of this church’s mission today.  The church welcomed us with open arms and had a program prepared for the morning that had included us using soccer to interact with the children that attended.  We also had the help of the youth group from the church, who were so energetic and positive!

After introducing us and leading us in a rousing few minutes of the Hokey Pokey(in Spanish of course) we were then told we were on for the time!  We started with a couple rousing rounds of Head It/Catch It before dividing up the children that had come, so that we could play some small sided soccer games.    It was a blast to see the excitement in the faces of the children as they enjoyed playing soccer with a group of us, and others, cheering them on from the sidelines!  When our time was drawing to a close, they had all the children sit in a circle, and then they led them through the Gospel story.  Following that, one of our girls shared her testimony, and did a great job too! The children listened very well and we all felt blessed to have been able to be  a part of the great ministry happening here.  We were given a tour of the church, and then it was on the road to head back for lunch…and then a game….

Flexibility is the name of the game!  Much to our annoyance, the university that we were scheduled to play had back out of the game, so that meant re-planning the rest of the day. Though surely disappointed, the team responded very well to the news.  Instead of playing, we headed to the market to do some shopping, and then swung by a park for an intrasquad match.  It was so much fun to get out and play some soccer, all with the backdrop of the nearby mountains!  It wasn’t the most smooth soccer field any of us have ever played on, but we were kept safe and called it a night as we headed back to the house.

Dinner was amazing and then we had Team Time, discussing our purpose of pleasing God in all circumstances.  How true worship is a lifestyle.  We enjoyed some quality discussion on the topic, some reflection on the amazing day we had just experienced, and we discussed the game plan for tomorrow!  We’ll be joining a local church for the service tomorrow, and then we will be eating lunch with them a the Mall after that.  It will be an awesome day!

Thank you all for your prayers today.  It was evident that somewhere, someone was remembering!  On that note, that’ll be it for tonight…and tomrrow will be a highlight as we worship with our Costa Rican brothers and sisters. Hasta manana!

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