Prague #3

It is hard to believe that we just completed our fourth day of camp.  It goes way too fast. 

We started out the day by wondering what the fileds would be like, since we had a tremendous thunderstorm go through the area Wednesday night.  Two of the fields in the complex were under water, but thankfully the other two, which we use, drained really well.

Baseball camp went well this morning.  Many of the kids are improving, which is great to see.  Hopefully they are understanding more about what we are trying to teach them as it relates to God’s love for them.  The games went well today.  Only one slight injury as Pavel took a line drive to his cheek, he will have a “shiner” for sure tomorrow. 

All Sports was a fun afternoon of clothes pin tag, steal the bacon, Jedi tag, followed by ultimate frisbee.  Lots of excitement.

The coaches competitions are always a highlight.  This morning it was a hitting for accuracy competition between Coach Larry, Jeff, and Dave.  Coach Jeff edged out Coach Dave.

This afternoon it was Coach Matt vs. Coach Spencer in the puddle jump competition.  One of the baseball fields that was under water was the location for this great event.  There were 5 different sized “puddles” throughout the infield that they had to jump over.  Coach Matt won, and Coach Spencer ended up soggy 🙂  Of course, the losing team always has to do jumping jacks, or situps, or pushups.

Our camps end tomorrow, which is bitter sweet.  We really have a desire for these kids to understand more about the Creator God of Heaven who sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ to this earth to pay the ultimate sacrifice on the cross.  We pray that one day they too will have a personal relationship with Him.

Pray that we finish strong!

Coach Scott for the team.

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