When we first found an area for our new sports area where our soccer field is being ‘built,’ we knew one day we’d need to have access to drinking water nearby since currently there is none.  We didn’t know the timing of it, we just knew when and if there was money available, (hopefully by next year), we’d get it done.

About two weeks ago a borehole(well) drilling crew rolled into our community to do some work for the local hospital.  After about a week of seeing their work, and hearing about the results they were getting around the area, we thought it may be wise to ask them to drill one for us.  A big part of the cost of getting a well drilled here is the transportation cost of getting the rig and all the equipment out to us in the bush.  It made sense that if possible we should jump at the chance to reduce the cost significantly as the rig was already working nearby.

Understanding our situation, some friends of Push The Rock Zambia back in the USA rallied together to provide the funding we needed to drill our very own well.  The drillers came and after several hours of drilling they hit a good water source just about 30 meters away from our soccer field.  Since we do not currently have electricity at the field, for now we have installed a hand pump that will be more than able to provide all the drinking water we need for work and recreation at our sporting fields.

A link to a short video clip of the drilling process starting, click HERE.

This is just another example of how the Lord continues to provide for us.  We are ever grateful for such support from many people around the world.  Atuyandane.

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