Spain July 5, 2011 Update 11

Tuesday, July 5

At the morning clinic in La Victoria, we were greeted by 47 kids, ages 4-6!  Full of energy and ready to run, we took the reins and began the clinic.  Working with so many kids at such a young age presented challenges for us, but with God’s grace we were able to provide them with some basketball skills and drills as well as time to run and have fun.  Team time today held a great discussion on the 5th commandment – honor your father and mother.  We talked about how plays out in our lives, both in what we do and what we say.  The afternoon clinic at La Victoria had 45 kids, ages 10-15.  Most of them have some level of basketball background so we were able to do more with them.  They have been very receptive of what we have been teaching, both with basketball and with sportsmanship.  It has been encouraging to see the progress these kids are making in such a short time and we are also very encouraged by the large turnout for the afternoon clinic.  In the evening after the afternoon clinic, we played a game against a local team.  The PTR team played and well, probably the best game so far.  Ahead in the first quarter, PTR had the lead.  Over the 2nd and 3rd quarter, the other team came on strong and even used a full-court press to take the lead.  But in the final quarter, the PTR over came the deficit and won the game 63-58.  Exciting to watch, the game provided many opportunities for PTR to demonstrate the Gospel and good sportsmanship.  As the kids who attended the clinics watch the game, the testimony continued.  We are grateful for the opportunity to share God’s love though a sport we love to play.


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