Spain July 7, 2011 Update 13

Thursday, July 7

With 47 4-6 year-olds, the morning required the team to bring the excitement and the energy.  Working with the kids was a lot of fun but the coaches were tired by after the 2.5 hours with them.  After a great lunch and a team time which featured an extended praise in worship time, the team was refreshed both spiritually and physically.  There is something special when we lift our voices in unison as we sing praises to God.  While the team was eating lunch, Missionary Dave, Brendan, and Alcedes were invited to the local radio station for a live interview about what PTR is doing these past two weeks.  it was a great opportunity to share what PTR is and what PTR does, both in the US and internationally.  God is opening doors for His work to go forward and this is one visible way to see Him moving.  The afternoon clinic in La Victoria was filled again with the older kids – ages 12-16.  They enjoyed their time during the clinic and worked hard at the stations as well as at the games.  We are preparing for a tournament tomorrow during the clinic as we have had the teams playing since Tuesday.  It promises to be an exciting time.  Following the clinic and a quick snack, the PTR team played a local team from La Victoria.  PTR played hard, but was unable to get take the lead.  Losing the game 60-42, the PTR team maintained a great testimony during a rough and hard-fought game.  Many kids and their parents came out to watch the game and the Gospel was preached in deed.  The team was treated to a great meal at a local restaurant (guachinche) and enjoyed the food and fellowship.  With only a few days left, the team will be preparing for the final clinic and possibly one more game.  Please pray that the final moments will be used for God’s glory in all things.

Finishing strong,
the Spain Team

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