Spain June 26, 2011 Update 3

Sunday, June 26

This morning started with the morning service at the church that is partnering with us and is hosting us.  it was a very special time since communion was served.  Although the whole service was in Spanish, the commonality we have with the Lord’s Supper allowed us to worship in a special way.  Songs were sung which gloried our Lord and there was even one where we knew the tune.  Following a fantastic lunch that is reminiscent of a meal on a major holiday, we took time for more logistics and discussion about the upcoming clinics.  We are excited and ready for the clinics to begin.  A good team time was held after that where we were able to pray for each other, praise God for who He and what He does, and also hear Leann’s testimony.  Upon completion of the meeting and team time, the team went into a local town where we will be holding the clinics this week in the afternoon.  We were able to see where the clinics were held the first year PTR was here (the court is currently under construction).  The team then returned back to their home locations to rest and prepare for the first day of clinics.  Please continue to pray that we are healthy, that the Lord does great things this week, and that He is honored in all we do.   Thank you for standing with us in prayer.


For the team,

Coach Brendan

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