Spain June 27, 2011 Update 4

Monday, June 27

Gentlemen, start your engines!  A familiar phrase to get a very renown race going, it was not needed for our first day of clinics.  primed and ready to go, the coaches brought energy and God’s love to the Santa Ursula clinic in the morning and the Puertro de la Cruz clinic in the afternoon.  With about 27 kids in the morning and 30 kids in the afternoon, we were grateful for turn out.  Both directors of the courts that we played at were a little disappointed that more kids didn’t show up, but were very grateful for what we had and that we were there.  We have been given such a huge amount of support by the local basketball clubs that it is so exciting to see.  We no interference and lots of encouragement at both venues.  At both clinics, the coaches worked hard with the kids, making sure that they were learning the fundamentals of the game as well having a fun time.  There were kids who were fans of the rebounding, dribbling and shooting stations, but most of all, they really liked when we played games.  The afternoon clinic had a lot of familiar faces from years past, but also a good deal of new faces.  It was great to renew old friendships and start new ones.  Team time was spent hearing an introduction to our study of the 10 commandments.  We were able to see that although the 10 commandments seem restricting, they are actually liberating in God’s special way.  We also were able to hear Joe’s testimony of what God has done in his life.  Praise God that He chooses to use us.  Tomorrow night we play our first game against a team from Puerto de la Cruz.  Please pray that we are all healthy enough to run the clinics, share God’s love, and play the evening game.  Two of our number have been sick today so pray with us that they will return to full strength.

Thank you for your support and prayer in all things!

In His Hands,

Coach Brendan

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