Spain June 28, 2011 Update 5

Tuesday, June 28

We now have two days under our belts.  We saw the attendance on Monday go from 27 in the AM and 32 in the PM to 30 in the AM and 35 in the PM on Tuesday.  We were encouraged by the increase in turnout and were pleased that new kids joined our clinics.  There was a great sense of excitement throughout both of the clinics as the kids were learning or practicing skills to make themselves better.  Of course, the kids enjoyed it when we were able to play full games with them, but they were also very excited about the things that they have been learning in the stations.  All of our coaches have been working hard to make it a great experience for the kids while showing the love of Christ to them at the same time.  The sportsmanship thought focused on being a team player and working hard for the good of the team.  In between the clinics, we had a time of praise and worship, which included singing.  It was really neat to sing to our great God as a team, while one of the team played the guitar and another played the bongos.  We took time to thank God for His character and nature as well as some of the things He has been doing for us.  We were blessed by William’s testimony as he told us what God has done in his life.  Following the PM clinic, we played our first game of the trip against the Puerto de la Cruz team.  It was obvious that they were preparing for this game since they brought the best team we have seen from them for the past three years!  Of course, White Lightning led the team and had a great game.  The PTR team, a mix of Americans, Venezuelans, and Spaniards, worked hard and playing well and playing together.  Since this was the first time these players played together, it was great to watch the PTR team hustle and do their best.  Unfortunately, the PTR team was not able to handle the mass of talent assembled for the game, but was a great testimony in the loss.  Showing great sportsmanship, the PTR team played hard and didn’t complain about missed fouls or when things obviously didn’t go their way.  We are grateful that the Lord was working in us so that we could be consistent with what we are teaching during the clinics.   In the stands during the game was probably the largest turnout of kids from the clinics  who have come to watch the game that we have seen in the three years that we have been here.  It is a testimony to how the coaches have been building into the lives of the kids.  The relationships are growing and it’s encouraging to see what God is doing through us all.  Please continue to pray for health and safety.  God is working many things as a part of His sovereign plan and we are trusting in Him for the accomplishment of it.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  We love you all.

By His grace,
Coach Brendan

Praying at SU camp

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