Spain June 29, 2011 Update 6

Wednesday, June 29

Wednesday.  It has many names, but whatever you call it, it’s a day that marks a point in time.  With running two clinics a day, playing games, and attending to various other things, the time has seemed to go fast and we are already have finished the midpoint week of week 1.  The morning clinic went every well and we had a record 35 kids.  Ages ranged from 5 to 15 with most of the kids being between 8-13 years old.  Working with the real young ones was not part of what we set out to do, but since we are a ministry and those young kids have been coming, we have been doing our best to keep them entertained and engaged.  There is only so much a 6 yr old wants to work on dribbling and passing and rebounding!  But God has given us coaches who are excellent with the young ones (but are very tired when they are done).  The afternoon clinic was shortened by 1 hour because the gym was closed and to make matters worse, we had to wait an additional 1/2 hour for the man with the keys to the gym to show up.  We did some trimming to the schedule and rearranged some things so that we were still able to have a meaningful clinic.  We taught the games of knock out and hot shot.  At the end of the clinic, a poll showed that about 50% liked one game over the other.  We have heard parents say that they like how we open and close with prayer.  Hearing that is so encouraging.  Following the afternoon clinic, we played another game against a group of locals who meet frequently and regularly to play.  The PTR team was off to a roaring start and by the end of the first quarter it looked like PTR was going to run away with the game.  The other got a huge shot in the arm with the director of the gym that we use in the morning entered the game.  Clearly a very talented player, he helped close the gap quickly and soon PTR found itself down by 9.  Using the 3rd and 4th quarters to come back, the PTR team ended the game ahead by 4 points.  It was a brilliant effort by all who played and it made for a great time together.  There was much fellowship after the game and the PTR team was able to give our NT Bibles to the other team.  PTR has left a good impression of what a Christian is on the heart of the gym director and we are very pleased with how well he is receiving us.  God continues to work in great ways to accomplish His purposes.  Nestled between the AM and PM clinics was our team time.  One of the missionaries, Travis, spoke to us about the 1st commandment, teaching us about how following just this one commandment will help us with all of the others.  We were blessed as Andrew gave his testimony and by the time we had in song.  God has brought the team together through sickness and now He is working in each of our hearts to bind us together for a single purpose: to serve Him with all of our hearts.  Please pray that the sicknesses will leave us and that we will remain true to the one True God.

Enjoying God’s great love,
Coach Brendan

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