Spain June 30, 2011 Update 7

Thursday, June 30

It’s hard to believe, but we are almost done with the first week.  The days have been long, but the week has gone by so quickly.  We have had many opportunities to serve the locals, our hosts and even members of our team.  There were many great conversations around the Gospel today where both kids from the clinic and people we played against clearly heard the Gospel.  The Lord used a teenage girl and a grown man to walk down the path of who God is with a kid and man.  May God use those two conversations to please Himself and bring souls to salvation.  During the PTR game versus a local team, a player from the other team went down with an injury.  The PTR team quickly took a knee to pray for the fallen player.  The kids who attend the camps, watching in the stands, knew what we were doing.  Although they could not hear what we were saying, the knew what was happening.  During the same game, one of the PTR players let go of the ball just so that he could help one of the opponents up back onto his feet.  Again, another visible symbol that there is more to life than the game of basketball.

The daily routine has been the same as the days before: clinics in the AM and PM, with team time in the middle, and a game at night.  The team time was a special time of praise and worship in song and giving testimony of what God is doing.  Praise was given to Him for His attributes.  Taylor give his testimony of what God has done in his life.  Through it all, God was honored and blessed.

As we move into Friday, please pray that the Lord would choose to use us to bring souls to Him.  We have a very special opportunity in the AM clinic and even one of the city officials will be there, presenting certificates to the kids for participating in the PTR clinic.  The doors seem to be wide open for us to walk through, which always is an encouraging thing.  It will be an exciting time and a first for PTR in Spain.  We hope and pray that the Lord will guide us and use this opportunity, too.

For the team
Coach Brendan


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